Scott Pilgrim and Geek Heroes

In class we discussed Scott Pilgrim and how he represented a new sort of hero: the geeky hero. This sort of hero is aimed at the people who are consuming this genre of fiction: the geeks. They see someone whose expertise in gaming or knowledge of comics help them save the day and in that person, they seem themselves. The geek hero is becoming a common trope not only in the everyday sort of heroes, but also in the superhero genre and it is these sorts of heroes that are usually my favourite. So I thought I’d give a few recommendations of geeky heroes to look into.

The first (and probably my favourite) is Deku from My Hero Academia. Deku is born powerless in a world full of super-powered people, but despite that, the position he idolizes the most is the hero. He wants to get a job as a superhero with all of his being so he analyzes and obsesses over all of the professional heroes and is in all of the fan clubs for his favourite hero. This gets him bullied by his classmates, but when he is given powers it is his constant analysis and knowledge of how professional heroes act that help him succeed again and again.

Pidge from Netflix’s Voltron: Legendary Defender is the kind of person that geeks out over all of the amazing alien tech that she comes across and convinces her friend to raid a wishing well in a space mall so that she can purchase a vintage earth video game system that she stumbled upon. She makes a wonderful addition to the band of loveable idiots and losers that make up the five paladins of Voltron.

Mob from Mob Psycho 100 is one of the most powerful espers in the world, but all he cares about is becoming popular. He is quiet, shy, and out of touch with his emotions and just can’t seem to connect with anyone. It’s not that he’s bullied, he’s just ignored. But, on his road to popularity he always manages to get roped into fun and crazy adventures.

That was just a few geeky heroes from the fiction that I consume. I love them all as characters and as a part of the worlds and stories in which they live. Maybe you could give some of them a shot.


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